About us - Shamuzzi Gallery - Art Gallery Dubai, UAE

About us

Shamuzzi Art Gallery is a modern and contemporary space recently founded in 2020. The theme is based on modern day art in collaboration with handpicked western European artists with outstanding creativity for art lovers, collectors, and investors.

Our main priority is to provide art lovers with a variety of styles and directions that fit their vision while also ensuring that the value of the art purchased is calculated in an affordable way.

According to the well known Philosopher John Dewey

"Art is an attempt to find light in a great darkness. Art appeals directly to sense and the sensuous imagination, and many aesthetic and religious experiences occur as the result of energy and material used to expand and intensify the experience of life

... and this is exactly what we intent to share with the world.

Nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee and a meditative experience within a safe space.

We welcome you at Shamuzzi Gallery and hope to build a long-lasting relationship with all our visitors.

We do care about your investments as well, that’s why we deal only with the artists whose work will grow in value and price with time.

Discover and buy the ART YOU LOVE THE MOST.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  - Edgar Degas


“We are modern and dynamic art gallery with our base in Dubai.  We are focused on pop art, graffiti, and abstract artists from Western Europe. Our main goal is to make our collectors happy and rich as well as to decorate the places with beautiful authentic art at the best prices.”

- Sofya Shamuzova