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Vasily Grino

Artist from Minsk lives and works in Moscow. Grino graduated from the Gomel art school with a degree in Graphic design, where, as he believes, the Foundation was laid for his further development as a creative unit, artistic taste, and vision. 

In his work, Grino combines his experience of drawing on walls, paying great attention to the characters, constantly adding to the gallery of original and unique images that are sometimes born from artistic practice or photographed by the artist somewhere in random places and later adapted to his unique style. Stories often involve deep reflection, expressed in the form of an allegory. The artist himself believes that despite the fact that he managed to form recognizable graphic handwriting, it is too early to talk about the style: "I continue to work on forms and presentation in search of the ideal, in my opinion, visual language. Comparing the latest works with earlier ones, I notice some movement towards simplification, simplification of the drawing, and the rejection of unnecessary elements that I previously liked. I don't know what it will eventually turn into, and I try to treat visual language as a constantly developing organism that occasionally experiences periods of stagnation."

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