Ilya Slak - Artist - Shamuzzi Art Gallery Dubai, UAE – Shamuzzi Gallery

Ilya Slak

Ilya Slak’s style is based on a non-figurative abstraction, which is built on constructive principles of geometry. He makes his artworks both legally and half-legally: on streets and abandoned territories and while participating in various projects on monumental painting. Besides that, Ilya works on canvas, paper and wood. Usually, he gets inspired by electronic music with a dark industrial sound, like ambient, techno, post-dubstep and so on. Also, different kinds of a so-called 'brutal' architecture may impress him, as well as diverse geometric objects in nature, which the artist likes to explore and observe. "The main conception of my art is an intentional neglecting of political, or any other, agenda; generally, each work exists out of time, it illustrates my initial state at the very moment of creation" — tells Ilya. 

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