Evgeny Muluk - Acrylic artist - Shamuzzi art Gallery – Shamuzzi Gallery

Evgeny Muluk

Evgeny began his creative activity in 2005. In his artworks he prefers improvisation and cultivation of the surrounding space. After moving to St. Petersburg, the artist began to feel even more the impact of the continuous information flow onto the autonomy of personal thoughts and attitudes. Evgeny strives to preserve his individuality. He stands by his vision of art, free from any social expectations and social media pressure.
Muluk prefers to work without sketches and pre-defined concepts in order to stimulate his own independent creative process. He paints multi-layered abstract murals on old ruined walls, among industrial facilities or other urban spaces. The texture of such surfaces reflects the transience of time, uniting with the artist's style of "work-in-the-moment". Evgeny also likes to experiment with different materials and techniques when creating works on canvas and graphics.

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