Daniil Arkhipenko - Contemporary Artist | Oil on Canvas - Shamuzzi Art Gallery – Shamuzzi Gallery

Daniil Arkhipenko

Daniil is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Started painting at the age of fifteen at the studio of his father. In the very center of his creativity lies the topic of nature: Paysages, landscapes, and various objects of the living world. All of these are made by means of modern technics and materials: plastic, lenses, Plexiglas and others. At the turn of the new form and eternal idea, arises the symbiosis of temporal and permanent, of artificial and real. However, from the author's point of view, “no new technologies may equal to the majesty of nature, as long as it is the most modern thing surrounding us”. Taking a stand as an independent observer, Daniil tries to explore the world around him through the personal prism of perception, and, thus, explore his own nature. Artist invites us to join him and take a look at the world through this special lens to feel that authentic lively energy, which his artworks are saturated with. 

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